Bostwick-Frohardt Photograph Collection

Looking west from 11 and Farnam Streets - 1880s

The Bostwick-Frohardt photograph collection, on permanent loan to The Durham Museum from KMTV-Channel 3, is part of a collection of over 200,000 images in the museum archives depicting the history of Omaha. Information regarding the photo archives of The Durham Museum is available from this link.

The pictures linked and described below are a few examples from a "Century in Photos" series published by the Omaha Sun newspapers during the 1960s.

Aftermath of Easter Sunday Tornado (March 23, 1913) - From left are a soldier and photographers Homer Frohardt, Robert Mullin and Louis Bostwick.
1918 Liberty Bond Rally (April 1918) - Looking northeast to 16 and Farnam Streets, U.S. National Bank Building with flags at left.
Rialto Theater (1921) - 15 and Douglas Streets
Elevated traffic signal (1919) - Looking north on 16 Street from Harney
16 and Farnam Streets (April 1913) - Large structure at center of picture - Omaha National Bank Building, City Hall - at left in photo
Horse Car Barn (1880s) - Omaha Street Railway horse car barn, Park Avenue and Woolworth Streets
16 and Douglas Streets - Looking northeast, May 22, 1924
16 and Douglas Streets - Early 1920s
New Fire Equipment - Mayor Jim Dahlman (fourth from right) with fire fighters and 18 and Harney Streets
Farnam Street - Looking west from 14 Street, August 4, 1915
Douglas Street - Looking west, August 9, 1937
Omaha National Bank (Caldwell Block) - South side of Douglas Street, between 13 and 14 Streets, 1860s
Dodge Street - Looking west on Dodge Street, from 30 Street, 1889
Omaha (1860s) - Northwest corner of 15 and Dodge Streets
Downtown Omaha (1898) - View of downtown Omaha from Omaha (Central) High School campus
Omaha Street Railway (1890s) - Motorman and Conductor with streetcar
Douglas Street (July 17, 1937) - South side of Douglas Street at 16 Street
World Theater (August 2, 1929) - 15 and Douglas Streets (later Omaha Theater)
Omaha (1870) - Looking southeast from Capitol Hill at 20 and Dodge Streets
Herndon Hotel (Union Pacific Headquarters), 1910 - Built in 1856 at 9 and Farnam Streets
Freight Movers (March 15, 1917) - Looking south on 20 Street
U.S. National Bank Building (August 13, 1915) - 16 and Farnam Streets
Downtown Omaha (1865) - Looking northwest from 15 and Douglas Streets, photograph by William H. Jackson
Omaha High School (late 1870s) - built in 1872, 20 Street and Capitol Avenue - looking west from 18 and Capitol
Downtown Street Grading Project (1890s) - Southeast corner of 19 and Douglas Streets
View from Burlington Station (September 15, 1909) - Looking east toward Missouri River

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