Omaha Historic Markers

Listed below are links to pictures of markers placed by the Nebraska State Historical Society.
All pictures were taken, unless otherwise noted, during the week of April 11-18, 1999.

Central High School Building located at Twentieth and Dodge Streets in Omaha
Central High School Historic Marker
Capitol Hill Historic Marker
Nebraska Territorial Capitol Historic Marker
First Nebraska State Constitution Historic Marker

Creighton University Historic Marker

Florence Mill Building located on Omaha's north side near the Interstate 680 exit for Thirtieth Street
Florence Mill Historic Marker

Winter Quarters Historic Marker, located at Thirtieth and State Streets

Florence Bank Building, located at Thirtieth and Willit Streets
Florence Bank Historic Marker

Fort Omaha Historic Marker, located at Thirtieth and Fort Streets

Trans-Mississippi Exposition Historic Marker #1, located in Omaha's Kountze Park
Trans-Mississippi Exposition Historic Marker #2, located in Omaha's Heartland of America Park

Prospect Hill Cemetery Historic Marker, located at Thirty-Third and Parker Streets

William Henry Jackson Historic Marker, located at Fourteenth and Douglas Streets

Omaha Historic Marker, located at Ak-Sar-Ben Field
Ak-Sar-Ben Field Historic Marker
Memorial for Triple Crown Winner "Omaha" at Ak-Sar-Ben Field
Omaha and jockey William Saunders

Forest Lawn Memorial Park Historic Marker - photograph taken 29 May 1999

Crook House Historic Marker - photograph taken 3 July 1999
Crook House

Malcom "X" Birth Site Marker
View of Birth Site

Duchesne Academy Historic Marker

Buffalo Bill at the Trans-Mississippi Exposition

Captain William Clark and Private Reuben Field

George and Sarah Joslyn Home
Joslyn Castle homepage