Historic Omaha Pictures

Looking east on Farnam Street Approximately 1860


Old State Capitol Building Corner of Eighteenth and Douglas - 1866 Omaha Street Railway
Nineteenth and Dodge Streets - date unknown Looking west from Fourteenth and Dodge Streets - 1868 Union Pacific Bridge over Missouri River - 1906
Looking west from Seventeenth and Capitol Streets Union Station 1927 Rails at Union Station
Panoramic view of Union Station Aerial View of Ak-Sar-Ben, approximately 1930 South Omaha Stockyards, approximately 1920
Crossroads Mall 1960s Omaha Council Bluffs Street Railway Ticket
Omaha Wet-Wash Laundry My Grandfather at Krug Park Photo Stand Aerial Photo of Elmwood Park
Interior Burlington Depot Downtown Panorama, 1 May 1916 South Omaha Stockyards panorama
Dodge Street Construction - 1920 108 and West Dodge Road - 1936 Knight's Templar Room
(approximately 1915)
Masonic Lodge (Douglas Building)
Butternut Building Rosenblatt Stadium, 1960

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