The Omaha Song

original words and music by Fritz Al Carlson

I've been here, I've been there, I've been ev-ry where from New York to the coast,
Cities large, cities small I have tried to com-pare but my home town still I boast
It calls me, It wants me, the Gate of the West, some-thing do-ing all the time
best of all, large or small, I love it this grand old town of mine

O-MA-HA, O-MA-HA, Finest place you ever saw,
come a-long, join the throng cause you simply can't go wrong.

I'll say it's great in O-MA-HA, O-MA-HA, boost your home town all day long,
and at night when you are sleeping dream of O-MA-HA

Now listen as my MOM sings the chorus to the song (475K)

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"I Want to Grow With Growing Omaha"

words by Albert Adair, music by Julius K. Johnson, 1923

No matter where I roam, - I'll never find a home, like the town I call my own -
I've traveled far and wide, But always look with pride, To my King Ak who rules there from his throne
So I am going there, I'll leave behind dull care, I'm going there and I'll not be alone.
I'm going out where they're growing, I'm going back to dear old Omaha.
I love it best, I've seen the rest, And it's the gateway to the Golden West.
The birds are singing and laughter ringing, It's the livest town you ever saw.
You bet I'm going, Out where they're growing, I want to grow with growing Omaha
I'm going

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Composer: Leon Dion

Performer: Tiny Hill

(Thanks to Tom Fitzsimmons of County Cork, Ireland, for contributing this recording and lyrics. Once an Omahan, always an Omahan.)

There's a town in old Nebraska
Where the folks around will ask you
How you doing neighbor
They'll help you with your labor
In the town of Omaha

You'll love the birds and trees and flowers
It warms your heart to see church towers
Hear bells ring out at seven
You're in a bit of heaven
In the town of Omaha

It's good to be
In harmony
And love your neighbor too
You'll like it there
They seem to care
To do the little things that pleases you

If you get to town on Monday
Plan to stay for more than one day
The folks around will greet you
Three hundred thousand treat you
When you're out in Omaha

Come on out to Omaha!

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