Romance of Omaha
by Fred Carey

Romance of Omaha was an eighty page compliation of reprinted articles that appeared in the Omaha Bee-News from December 3, 1928 to January 11, 1929. The articles were written by Fred Carey, Staff Writer of the Omaha Bee-News. The work can be appreciated for its history and its pre-Great Depression perspective. The "voice" of the volume speaks in the language of another time and, though historical record was its goal, local pride and optimism is very evident. As with any historical document, the reader is advised to pursue individual topics in greater detail and take time to consider other perspectives, particularly that of Native American groups, on that which has been written. Links to all chapters contained in this work, transcribed in their entirety, are below.

The following introduction opens the volume:

Hearst Has Faith

When William Randolph Hearst bought the Bee-News he backed his faith in Omaha and this section of the country with his fortune. Of the many papers offered for his consideration, he selected the Omaha property because close attention to Nebraska and Iowa covering many years convinced him of the wisdom of casting his lot with the people of this part of America.

Mr. Hearst did not buy the property for the building. He did not purchase the paper for the machinery. The circulation of the paper nor the advertising revenue prompted him to enter this field. Better buildings, more modern machinery and properties with larger circulations and greater advertising volume were available.

The wonderful prospects of this section of the central west, rich in the traditions of American thrift and enterprise, caused the man who owns 28 great newspapers read by every fifth person in the United States each day, to enter the Omaha field.

The accompanying articles written by Fred Carey of the Bee-News staff tell the history of Omaha in a most interesting and instructive manner. These stories point to the future. Mr Hearst shares with the people who preceded him to Omaha optimism for the future and commends to persons elsewhere seeking a place to live happily and prosper in this city in the heart of the United States which so typically personifies the heart, mind and body of our country.

Publisher Omaha Bee-News

The back cover of the volume boasts the following:
"This entire book with the exception of the cover is printed upon cornstalk paper - the new product of a new industry in the middle west."

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