Easter Sunday 1913 Omaha Tornado

On Easter Sunday, March 23, 1913, a devestating tornado struck the city of Omaha, Nebraska. Linked below are the 32 pages of a photo documentary published by the Omaha Bee newspaper soon after the event.

Cover page Introduction North 24th St., car line tied up near Lake St.
42nd and Harney Sts, view to south-west Plymouth Congregational Church, 20th and Spencer Sts., in midst of densest devastation Sacred Heart Convent, 36th and Burt Sts.
38th st., near California St., Sacred Heart Convent in distance Electric garage, 40th and Farnam Sts. Getting together
42nd and Harney Sts., looking north-west, Dr. H.A. Senter residence second from corner Removing debris at 28th and Parker Sts. The remains of W.W. Slabaugh's home, 104 No. 40th St.
Lake St, between 23rd and 24th Sts. 24th and Lake Sts., where the most damage was done Dr. D.C. Bryant residence, 16th and Binney Sts.
Trinity M.E. Church, 21st and Binney Sts. Crowd at Idlewild Hall, before lines were stretched, viewing recovery of bodies Militiamen in Bemis Park, 33rd and Cuming Sts., looking north
42nd and Harney Sts., looking west 311 North 38th Ave, home of Mrs. Victor H. Coffman 42nd and Farnam Sts., toward the east
Residence at 2704 North 20th St., where two lives were lost Wst on California St., about 38th, in fashionable residential district, showing homes of A.S. Billings, Jr., E.W. Dixon and Arthur Brandeis Eighteenth and Binney Sts., looking west; old trees laid low
Freak of the wind - timber driven into piano Ruins of German Lutheran Church at 28th and Parker Streets Child Saving Institute, showing window from which baby was blown
3465 California, Edward C. Sels residence Looking south on 19th Ave. and Locust St., where ruin is complete Exhuming bodies from Idlewild Hall, north 24th St., where 25 were killed
38th St., near Davenport St. Back cover



Listed below are links to additional pictures of the damage left by the tornado which struck the city of Omaha on March 23, 1913.

Picture 1 Picture 2 House on North 38th Avenue
Idlewood Club Picture 5 Picture 6
Picture 7 Picture 8 Sixteenth and Binney Streetts
Picture 10 Picture 11 Twentieth and Lake Streets
Twentieth Sixth and Patrick Streets


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