Victory '95
50th Anniversary World War II

In September 1996, the Victory '95 World War II Memorial was dedicated at Heartland of America Park in downtown Omaha. The memorial, dedicated on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II, was created by John Labja, with the financial support of local industry. The memorial depicts four scenes that are reminiscent of those who served in the military and at home during World War II. The dedication marker reads as follows:

This memorial honors those Americans who left the security of their country and loved ones to protect the freedoms and human rights of all people. It honors the risks taken and sacrifices made by those who whether home or abroad knew what their country and flag stood for; who were privileged and willing to fight and protect the heritage and future of America.

The memorial depicts the following four scenes:

Returning Soldier with Children

Rosie the Riveter

Young Boy Gathering Scrap Metal

Farm Family with Folded American Flag

Linked below are pictures of the memorial:

Returning Soldier with Children Rosie, Young Boy and Farm Family
Memorial with flags Memorial Dedication Marker
Memorial Explanatory Marker Walking area around memorial
Memorial Dedication Marker at entrance "God Bless America" dedication brick in walking area

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